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 Rules for mah Bromen

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Rules for mah Bromen Empty
PostSubject: Rules for mah Bromen   Rules for mah Bromen EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 11:03 pm

Rules for mah Bromen IJzU8

If it were up to me, this place'd be like 4chan. But dudn't liek dat. So in that case, none of this:

-Sexual and/or pornographic content

-Hateful and/or abusive content

-Defamatory content and/or affecting the integrity of a person

-Sale/exchange of drugs of any kind

-Copyright infringement/hacking

-Spam/phishing and/or malware websites

-Credit card fraud

Don't like? Tough shit.

-Heidi I love you
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Rules for mah Bromen
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