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 Heidi's how-to-not-be-an-assface thread

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Heidi's how-to-not-be-an-assface thread Empty
PostSubject: Heidi's how-to-not-be-an-assface thread   Heidi's how-to-not-be-an-assface thread EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 2:50 am

Heidi's how-to-not-be-an-assface thread UDw7d

-No stupidity. Dis is da place fer smarts and shit. Act like it.

-I don't care if you're a prick to people over here, but at least try to make yourself sound intelligent while being an asshole.
For example, instead of saying "YOU FCUKING HOMO!!1 DAT STUPID WAT HELL MATTA WIT YOU????" say something like, "You're opinion/statement is inept, and I find you to be quite flamboyant. Please explain to me you mental deficiencies."

-Don't quote God or the bible unless you're being obviously sarcastic.
I don't like religion, I think it does bad things to good people, and I'm boutta go Joseph Stalin on yo ass if you try to support yourself with it.

-Also, don't flame me or the mods. That pisses us off.

-Heidi Heidi's how-to-not-be-an-assface thread 2145974789
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Heidi's how-to-not-be-an-assface thread
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